Working papers


Jalovaara, Marika: Erkanevia elämänkulkuja? Sosiaalisen aseman yhteys lasten perhemuotoihin. WPSEI 7/2019.

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Kailaheimo, Sanna & Kotimäki, Sanni: Link between cause of parental death and children’s education depends on family background. WPSEI 1/2019.


Ezdi, Sehar: Missing Women, conflicts and natural disasters: The special case of Pakistan. WPSEI 12/2018.(Published)

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Veilahti, Antti: The Social Life of the European Crisis: A multilevel analysis of youth, employment and the economy of wellbeing 2007–2012. WPSEI 9/2017.

Veilahti, Antti: A General Method for Comparing Probit- and Logit-models with Single and Multilevel Data. WPSEI 8/2017.

Veilahti, Antti: The Not So Great Recovery—Economic policy in the making of the European crisis of youth. WPSEI 7/2017.

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Jalovaara, Marika & Anette Fasang: Family life courses, gender, and mid-life earnings. WPSEI 5/2017. (Forthcoming in European Sociological Review)

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Tanskanen, Antti: Entry into parenthood and intergenerational relations in Germany. WPSEI 3/2017. (Published in Social Science Research)

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Jalovaara, Marika & Fasang, Anette: Are there gender differences in family trajectories across educational groups in Finland? WPSEI 5/2015 (Published in Demographic Research.)

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Toivonen, Timo: Spousal influence in time use: On book reading, highbrow culture attendance and computer use. WPSEI 1/2015. (Published in electronic International Journal of Time Use Research.)