Working papers

The series has been discontinued. The activities continued in a new series, INVEST Working Papers.


Jalovaara, Marika: Erkanevia elämänkulkuja? Sosiaalisen aseman yhteys lasten perhemuotoihin. WPSEI 7/2019.  (Published in Lapsiperheiden köyhyys & huono-osaisuus, Vastapaino)

Lindblom, Arto & Lindblom, Taru: Kauppiasyrittäjien onnellisuus ja kauppiasyrittäjätyöhön liittyvät arvot. WPSEI 6/2019.

Solaz, Anne, Jalovaara, Marika, Kreyenfeld, Michaela, Meggiolaro, Silvia, Mortelmans, Dimitri & Pasteels, Inge: Unemployment and separation: Evidence from five European countries. WPSEI 5/2019.(Published in Journal of Family Research)

Ezdi, Sehar & Baş, Ahmet Melik: Son preferring fertility behaviour of Turkish immigrants in Germany. WPSEI 4/2019.(Published in Demographic Research)

Kailaheimo, Sanna, Kilpi-Jakonen, Elina, Tanskanen, Antti O. & Erola, Jani: Behind every successful (wo)man is a successful parent-in-law? The association between resources of the partner’s parents and individual’s occupational attainment. WPSEI 3/2019. (Published in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.)

Kailaheimo, Sanna & Erola, Jani: Child’s age at parental death and university education. WPSEI 2/2019. (Published in European Societies.)

Kailaheimo, Sanna & Kotimäki, Sanni: Link between cause of parental death and children’s education depends on family background. WPSEI 1/2019. (Published in SSM – Population Health)


Ezdi, Sehar: Missing Women, conflicts and natural disasters: The special case of Pakistan. WPSEI 12/2018.(Published in Asian Population Studies)

Sandell, Roosa & Niemelä, Mikko: Who are the rich? The evolution of the socioeconomic and demographic structures of the top incomes in Finland from 1987–2015. WPSEI 11/2018.

Jalovaara, Marika & Fasang, Anette Eva: Gaps and gradients: Family life courses, gender, and mid-life earnings. WPSEI 10/2018 (Published in European Sociological ReviewFamily life courses, gender, and mid-life earnings)

Miettinen, Anneli & Jalovaara, Marika: Unemployment delays parenthood but not for all. Life stage and educational differences in the effects of employment uncertainty on first births. WPSEI 9/2018 (Published in Advances in Life Course Research)

Jalovaara, Marika & Kreyenfeld, Michaela: Childbearing across partnerships in Finland and Germany. WPSEI 8/2018 (Published in Divorce in Europe, Springer)

Jalovaara, Marika & Kulu, Hill: Homeownership after separation: A longitudinal analysis of Finnish register data. WPSEI 7/2018. (Published in Demographic Research)

Prix, Irene & Kilpi-Jakonen, Elina: Not in a class of one’s own: The role of social origins and destinations for entry into gender-atypical fields of study. WPSEI 6/2018. (Published in European Sociological Review)

Tanskanen, Antti & Danielsbacka, Mirkka: Relationship quality among half siblings: the role of childhood co-residence. WPSEI 5/2018. (Published in Evolutionary Psychological Science)

Ezdi, Sehar: The elderly missing women phenomenon – Consequence of female victimization across the life course. WPSEI 4/2018. (Published in Violence Against Older Women)

Ezdi, Sehar & Künemund, Harald: Sex ratios in old age: comparing countries in middle eastern Asia to east and southeast Asia. WPSEI 3/2018. (Published in Studies in the Sociology of Population)

Lehti, Hannu; Erola, Jani & Tanskanen, Antti: Tying the extended family knot – Grandparents’ influence on educational achievement. WPSEI 1/2018. (Published in European Sociological Review)


Salonen, Laura & Pöyliö, Heta: Historical dataset of major educational reforms in Europe in 1950–1990. WPSEI 15/2017.

Hämäläinen, Hans & Tanskanen, Antti: Intergenerational transfers towards adult children and elderly parents. WPSEI 14/2017. (Published in Journal of Family Studies.)

Danielsbacka, Mirkka, Tanskanen, Antti O.: Marital disruption and grandparental investment in Finland. WPSEI 12/2017. (Published in Contemporary Social Science.)

Danielsbacka, Mirkka, Tanskanen, Antti O., Coall, David A. & Jokela, Markus: Does grandparental investment improve health and well-being of older Europeans?. WPSEI 11/2017. (Published in Social Science & Medicine.)

Karonen, Esa & Niemelä, Mikko: Life course perspective on economic shocks and income inequality through age-period-cohort analysis: evidence from Finland. WPSEI 10/2017. (Published in The Review of Income and Wealth.)

Veilahti, Antti: The Social Life of the European Crisis: A multilevel analysis of youth, employment and the economy of wellbeing 2007–2012. WPSEI 9/2017.

Veilahti, Antti: A General Method for Comparing Probit- and Logit-models with Single and Multilevel Data. WPSEI 8/2017.

Veilahti, Antti: The Not So Great Recovery—Economic policy in the making of the European crisis of youth. WPSEI 7/2017.

Tanskanen, Antti, Danielsbacka Mirkka, Coall, David, A: Entry into grandparenthood and subjective well-being among older Europeans. WPSEI 6/2017. (Published in Evolutionary Psychology.)

Jalovaara, Marika & Anette Fasang: Family life courses, gender, and mid-life earnings. WPSEI 5/2017. (Published in European Sociological Review)

Kilpi-Jakonen, Elina & Vono de Vilhena, Daniela: Early school leavers in education and the labour market in Britain. WPSEI 4/2017.

Tanskanen, Antti: Entry into parenthood and intergenerational relations in Germany. WPSEI 3/2017. (Published in Social Science Research)

Lehti, Hannu, Erola, Jani & Karhula, Aleksi: Less advantaged more averse? Heterogeneous effects of parental unemployment on siblings’ educational achievement. WPSEI 2/2017. (Published in Social Stratification and Mobility)

Schnor, Christine & Jalovaara, Marika: The increase in non-marital childbearing and its link to educational expansion. WPSEI 1/2017. (Published in Acta Sociologica)


Jalovaara, Marika & Fasang, Anette Eva: From never-partnered to serial cohabitors: Union trajectories to childlessness. WPSEI 18/2016. (Published in Demographic Research.)

Tanskanen, Antti, Kallio, Johanna & Danielsbacka, Mirkka: Should the family or the state provide support for the elderly people? Findings from a two-generational Finnish study. WPSEI 17/2016. (Published in International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy)

Tanskanen, Antti & Rotkirch, Anna: Sibling similarity and relationship quality in Finland. WPSEI 16/2016. (Published in Acta Sociologica)

Miettinen, Anneli & Jalovaara, Marika: Stable employment – more babies? Life stage and educational differences in the effects of labour market attachment on first birth among Finnish men and women. WPSEI 15/2016. (Published in Advances in Life Course Research)

Tanskanen, Antti: Correlation between grandparental investment and child development in England. WPSEI 14/2016. (Published in Antropological Review)

Tanskanen, Antti, Danielsbacka, Mirkka, & Erola, Jani: Grandparental co-residence, Parental involvement, and educational outcomes among children. WPSEI 13/2016.

Tanskanen, Antti & Danielsbacka, Mirkka: Association between parenthood status and sibling relationship quality in Finland. WPSEI 11/2016. (Published in Journal of Family Studies)

Erola, Jani, Kilpi-Jakonen, Elina, Prix, Irene & Lehti, Hannu: For better or for worse, for nephews or for nieces? Resource compensation and multiplication from extended family members. WPSEI 10/2016. (Published in European Sociological Review)

Karhula, Aleksi, Erola, Jani & Kilpi-Jakonen, Elina: Home sweet home? Long-term educational outcomes of childcare arrangements in Finland. WPSEI 9/2016. (Published in book Childcare, Early Education and Social Inequality)

Pöyliö, Heta, Erola, Jani & Kilpi-Jakonen, Elina: Institutional change and parental compensation in intergenerational attainment. WPSEI 8/2016. (Published in The British Journal of Sociology)

Danielsbacka, Mirkka, Tanskanen, Antti & Rotkirch, Anna: Parenthood is associated with conflicts with in-laws in Finland. WPSEI 7/2016. (Published in Evolutionary Psychological Science.)

Prix, Irene & Erola, Jani: Does death really make us equal? Educational attainment and resource compensation after parental death in Finland. WPSEI 6/2016. (Published in Social Science Research)

Tanskanen, Antti & Erola, Jani: Nonresident fathers’ involvement, family resources and children’s cognitive and educational achievements in the UK. WPSEI 5/2016 (Published in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility)

Tanskanen, Antti & Danielsbacka, Mirkka: Do grandparental presence correlate with early childhood injury? WPSEI 4/2016 (Published in Child Indicators Research)

Jalovaara, Marika & Kulu, Hill: Separation risk over union duration: An immediate itch? WPSEI 3/2016 (Published in European Sociological Review)

Tanskanen, Antti.: Maternal health problems correlate with increased risk of early childhood injury in the UK. WPSEI 2/2016

Tanskanen, Antti, Erola, Jani & Kallio, Johanna: Parental resources, sibship size and educational performance in 20 countries: Evidence for the compensation model. WPSEI 1/2016 (Published in Cross-Cultural Research)


Kuivalainen, Susan & Erola, Jani: Swinging support? Economic cycles and changes in the public attitudes towards welfare recipients in Finland 1995–2010. WPSEI 8/2015  (Published in European Societies)

Karhula, Aleksi, Lehti, Hannu & Erola, Jani: Intergenerational scars? Long-term effect of parental unemployment during depression on socioeconomic achievement. WPSEI 7/2015. (Published in Research on Finnish Society)

Toivonen, Timo: Parental influence on book reading of children. WPSEI 6/2015. (Published in Research on Finnish Society)

Jalovaara, Marika & Fasang, Anette: Are there gender differences in family trajectories across educational groups in Finland? WPSEI 5/2015 (Published in Demographic Research.)

Lindblom, Taru & Mustonen, Pekka: Upholding symbolic boundaries through culinary dislikes: Exploring food tastes in Finland. WPSEI 4/2015. (Published in Social Science Information)

Saarinen, Arttu, Räsänen, Pekka & Kouvo, Antti: Two dimensions of trust in physicians in OECD-countries. WPSEI 3/2015. (Published in Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance.)

Erola, Jani & Jalovaara, Marika: The Replaceable: The inheritance of paternal and maternal socioeconomic statuses in non-standard families. WPSEI 2/2015. (Published in Social Forces.)

Toivonen, Timo: Spousal influence in time use: On book reading, highbrow culture attendance and computer use. WPSEI 1/2015. (Published in electronic International Journal of Time Use Research.)